Students from the Vijay International School, Praslin were once again celebrating this week, following the publication of IGCSE and A-Level results. The school has already established a reputation for outstanding examination results at both IGCSE and A-Level, however this year grades have been awarded in a slightly unusual way. The global COVID-19 pandemic led to all May 2020 exams being cancelled worldwide and therefore the exam board had to use mock exams, teacher assessment and coursework to award final grades. Based on this information, exam certificates have been issued like any other year and the success of the students is no less significant, even though they never sat the final exams.

A-Level results were good with yet again with 100% of VISP students passing all exams at that level. Overall 69% of A-Level exams were awarded at C grade or above. The best student across three subjects was Alyssa Testa who scored 3 A grades and will now move on to study at Manchester University in the UK.

IGCSE results from the school were again pleasing with most students achieving the 5 grades at A* – C benchmark. The top academic performers were Noah Labuschagne (7A*, 4A, 1B) and Phin Samraj (2A*, 7A, 3B). Additionally, Noah was given a Cambridge High Achiever award last week for his English Language exam taken in November 2019. All students at VISP sit a minimum of 9 IGCSE’s and therefore leave school with a broad range of qualifications to take on to post-secondary education. Having achievement the required 5 C grades or better, most S5 students will now stay at VISP to complete their Advanced Level studies.

Headteacher Mark Howell was very pleased with the results. He said, “Although awarded in unusual circumstances, these results represent no less of an achievement for these young people. Our A-Level students have worked hard to gain places on courses overseas, including the UK and Australia. Meanwhile our national reputation for excellent IGCSE results has been further cemented by these excellent outcomes. I would like to congratulate all of our students and offer sincere thanks to their parents and teachers at VISP for ensuring the school once again received excellent outcomes.”

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