Vijay International Results Get Even Better

On August 11th 2020, Vijay International School received their annual IGCSE and A-Level results. As reported at the time, these results were excellent and continued to cement the school’s reputation as a leading provider of Secondary and Post-Secondary education in Seychelles. However, as was globally the case, the algorithm system, whilst providing the school with good overall outcomes, did result in some high achieving students missing out on the exceptional grades they deserved. 

VISP was therefore very pleased with the decision of Cambridge Assessment to abandon the algorithm system and instead award grades on the evidence provided by class teachers. This evidence was robust and collected over the course of two years, allowing schools to make informed and accurate grade awards. Students have now been awarded grades in line with this evidence and will be awarded exam certificates in due course.

The outcome of this new system was that a number of students grades were revised, meaning they now finish school with a better set of outcomes than had been published on 11th August. At A-Level, the school had already been awarded a 100% pass rate for the 5th year in a row and this of course has been maintained. Individually there were outstanding performances from Alyssa Testa (AAA), Julius Bossy (AAB) and Jan Bouchereau (BBBB). 

The school’s AS Level students performed very well, with 100% pass at this level too. Rona Pirame was the highest performing individual student. However, due to the unusual circumstances these results were awarded in, AS Level grades for these students will sadly not count towards their overall A2 result. 

At IGCSE level the school performed very well again with the overwhelming majority of grades being awarded at C or better and nearly a quarter of grades being awarded A or A*. The highest individual outcome was Noah Labuschagne who scored 7A*, 5A and 1B grades, a result which in a normal year would be a new national record. Phin Samraj also produced an outstanding set of results with 6A*, 5A and 1B, again a result which amongst the top outcomes ever recorded in Seychelles. Other high achievers included Heather DC Lablache, Eric Jean-Louis and Maxim Le Gac, who recorded the second highest result in the World in his French IGCSE exam. 

Once again, these results have allowed students on Praslin to move onto their chosen next destination for education. Many previous VISP A-Level alumni are now studying at universities overseas or at UniSey and this cohort are now able to do the same. Meanwhile, the majority of VISP IGCSE students continue their studies at the VISP A-Level centre on Praslin.