A-Level Examinations

Candidates are responsible for maintaining their own exam timetables, they should make note of when each of their exams are and ensure they attend promptly for every session. 

Equipment Required For Exams

​2+ Blue/Black ball point pens
2+ Sharp pencils1 ruler
1 calculator without a case

Prohibited Items

Correcting fluid,
Correcting tape.

Not Required But Advised

1 bottle of water without label.
1 small packet of sweets or mints.

Extra Equipment Required For Maths, Science & Geography Exams

1 protractor
1 compass​

**All equipment should be carried in a clear plastic pencil case or plastic wallet, this will be checked before every exam**. 

Rules for exam rooms

AM – examination start 7.55

PM – examination start 12.45

For AM starts you should aim to be in school for 7.30 at the latest

For PM starts you should be waiting by the examination room for 12.30

If the retake exam is in the afternoon, you don’t need to attend the morning lessons.

Students arriving late may not be allowed into the exam room which will result in a failure logged for that element of their course.


Phones and any other electronic devices must be switched off and in your bags

  • Pencil cases/plastic wallets must be clear
  • Water bottles must be clear/have labels removed
  • No food/sweets/mints allowed in the exam room
  • Write your full name on the front of the paper
  • Communication of any kind with other candidates once under examination conditions can result in your exclusion from that paper. This includes asking people for a pen, etc. Any issues, put your hand up and wait for an invigilator to come to you.
  • Make sure you use all the time available to you and always check over your work carefully if you have time.
Tips to ensure you perform well 

– Always have an early night the day before an exam: the temptation is to revise all night before an exam but this does not help, it actually damages your chances.
– Always have a good breakfast or lunch before an exam: if your hungry during an exam, your concentration will be poor.
Always go to the toilet before an exam: every minute counts so don’t waste them going to the bath – room.
-,Never panic if you’re unsure of a question: move on and come back to the question later in the exam.
– Try to enjoy your exams: your teachers have done everything they can to ensure you can answer every question, just relax, take your time and enjoy proving how much you have learnt.