Know Us Better

Aims, Ethos & Values

Aims of the School

Opportunity to Excel
​To provide the maximum opportunity for every student to excel in a safe environment conducive to academic progress; to ensure that we provide genuine equality of access and opportunity for all our students.

Respect and Tolerance
To foster an ethos of respect and tolerance in the school so that everyone can develop a sense of personal identity.

​To ensure that each person is able to develop a sense of confidence and self-worth, be open to change, be receptive and generous towards other people and willing to learn from others.

Building Confidence
To build confidence in our pupils through the classroom climate we create and through discussing and giving feedback to students about their own learning, progress and behaviour.

To develop self-esteem, confidence and motivation.

​To offer a range of teaching styles appropriate to the different learning styles of our students.

To motivate and develop a sense of self- worth by drawing on students’  personal experiences.

A Full School Life
​To prepare all students for the responsibility of citizenship in the modern world.

​To develop through a broad, balanced and rich curriculum creative and imaginative thinking whilst equipping children with the skills they need for the future, with an emphasis on literacy, numeracy and ICT.

To ensure consistency and fairness throughout the school.

​To ensure that classes are managed in such a way that all students feel engaged in learning  and motivated to do well.

To foster a positive atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, in which all students feel safe and unthreatened and where all staff follow agreed procedures for dealing with transgressions of the school code of conduct.

The School Environment
​To create a safe and happy environment, which is conducive to both learning and enjoyment.

​To encourage a sense of belonging to the school community, promoting full participation in the life of that community.