All VISP students are expected to develop themselves outside of the classroom by taking on new challenges or developing more advanced knowledge and skills through our enrichment programme. Throughout the year, students follow a series of enrichment afternoons, which include seminars, courses and conferences. They have an opportunity to develop a whole range of skills beyond the academic subjects:


  • Senior Student Leadership team
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award (International Leadership Award)

Study Skills:

  • Independent Learning
  • Growth Mindset for success
  • Organisational skills
  • Metacognition (journal)
  • The Extended Project Qualification (Only the skills)
  • Logical reasoning (EPQ skills)
  • Spot the mistake: errors in arguments (EPQ skills)
  • Down with everything: evaluating arguments (EPQ skills)
  • Jumbled up: the logical flow of ideas (EPQ skills)

Post-sixth form

  • Work Placement + How to write reports 
  • What Uni to choose from
  • CV building, letter writing, university applications
  • Presentation skills
  • Interview skills
  • First Aid Course
  • ANHRD Conference on University financial support
Also On The Agenda

Weekly Conversation to develop general knowledge

Meditation and Yoga

Sports Leader Programme ( Volley Ball, Football, Athletics)

School Leadership

At the beginning of the year, students can apply to be Senior Student Leaders. SSL chosen include Head Boy and Girl, and their Deputy. With the privilege of being a Senior Leader, comes increased responsibility, as these students represent the school at key events.

As well as SSL roles, all Sixth Formers are encouraged to develop leadership skills by running clubs and societies for other pupils and by mentoring pupils lower down the school. There are also many opportunities to lead the running of fund raising events (with PTA) such as the Halloween Fair, the PTA Gala and the KS5 play. The Head Teacher Leadership Award will recognise significant individual and group leadership.

Student Ambassador 

Student Ambassadors will act as a role model to promote VISP’ aims and ethos. They will participate in various activities around the school to support staff in delivering programmes to younger students:

This may involve helping out at breakfast and homework clubs, read to young children, attend school trips, helping in the organisation of special events such as guest speakers, enrichment fairs, International days etc. 

This experience will be instrumental when it comes to enhancing their CV, writing their personal statement for university and improving your employability skills. Organisations are interested in people who have taken the opportunity to enrich themselves through extra-curricular activities.

This is a great opportunity for younger and older students to interact with each other. Last year, sixth formers spend 20 minutes monitoring the Y1 lunches or the reception kids. Just watching them play at lunch also helps the sixth form take an active role in the school community. Thanks to the Student Ambassadors Programme, sixth formers have the opportunity to deepen their ties with the school and its younger students.