Fee Structure

Fees are calculated in respect of a programme of study followed for any one academic year.

All fees are payable termly in advance. Fees cover all tuition, text books, exercise books and consumable materials. Fees also cover participation in the school’s extra curriculum programme.

The cost of some school trips in Seychelles will be covered by school fees.

​Fees do not cover school uniform costs, cost of snacks/lunch, some school trips (including those overseas)

Fees effective from January 2022

Tuition per Term

​Reception 1 and 2: SR16,000 per term
Years 1 – 6: SR19,000 per term
Years 7 – 9: SR22,500 per term
Years 10 – 11: SR23,500 per term
Years 12 – 13: SR25,000 per term

Enrolment Fee (one time only)

The school wishes to make enrolment as affordable as possible for local people. Therefore the enrolment fees for local families are as follows:
First child – SR6,000
Second and subsequent children – SR4,000

For overseas enrolments we ask that families make a contribution to our school development fund rather than an enrolment fees. Therefore for overseas enrolments the fees are as follows:
First child – €1,000
Second child – ​€500
Third child – ​€300


The deposit is recorded against the child’s name and is refundable when that child leaves the school, provided the minimum deposit per family is retained.

​Association Membership Fee

The school is a registered not-for-profit Association of parents.

​Membership is SR2,000 per family per academic year, and is due for payment on 1st September. There is no ‘pro rata’ payment for children joining during terms two and three. There is no refund for families leaving during the academic year.

Payment Schedule

The deposit, enrolment fee and association membership must be paid before the child’s first day in school. However, if on a payment plan the enrolment fee can be included in this.

Tuition fees are due for payment at the start of each term

Leaving Notice

​One month’s notice of the child leaving school is required. Without such notice, pro-rata fees will be levied from the deposit before the return of any balance.