We offer a range of interventions and support to students at our school, at both targeted and specialist level. Although the majority of support is prioritised towards those students as having a SEN or EAL needs, intervention may also be delivered to students who have a specific need at that time and who are not identified as having a special educational need, for example: students who are feeling stressed about exams; having friendship difficulties; have worries outside of school.

An example of some of the interventions we run:

  • Stepping Stones Nurture Group (communication,  interaction & regulation)
  • Busy Fingers  (motor skills and handwriting)
  • Visual Perception
  • Speed up handwriting
  • I can write (for reluctant or nervous writers)
  • Personalised learning packages
  • Toe by Toe (Dyslexia reading Programme)
  • Phonics/writing/reading/maths boosters
  • Pre-teach vocabulary
  • Zones of Regulation (emotional regulation)
  • 1:1 emotional coaching and student support
  • Time to talk (communication & interaction)
  • Worry Box
  • Growth Mindset