The role of the PTA is to enhance the school experience for each child. We do this by building a sense of school community; facilitating school activities and raising funds to buy much needed equipment.

​We meet on average twice a month during term. Scheduled meetings are advertised on the PTA notice board at school. All parents are most welcome to join.

Current members list: Christina Labuschagne (Chair), Isabelle Le Gac (Treasurer), Yolande Drotsky (Secretary), Mark Howell, Faye Gregory, Natlie Revell, Christopher House, Marie-Helene Dione, Richard Elam, Oushna Labrosse, Elsa Brittain, Laura James, Maria Solera, Ruchira Singh, Veronica Pasqualetto, Arta Rozefelde.

To see some of the PTA work in action, feel free to visit our Facebook Page

​For more information about the P.T.A. or should you have any queries, please contact the secretary on: [email protected] Or by mobile: 2514259