Welcome to the VISP Secondary Section

The Secondary Section is composed of 5 classes (Year 7 – Year 11), catering for approximately 100 students.

Our growing team of staff ensure all students succeed in the secondary section. We hope to create an engaging and inclusive learning environment that allows all students to not only leave with IGCSEs but to also be prepared for life after school and to ensure their future studies and professional lives are successful. We have had some fantastic results from students that reflect the hard work of all our students and staff.


Year 7 Tutor: Mr Curtis
Year 8 Tutor: Miss Holly
Year 9 Tutor: Mrs Sam
Year 10 Tutor: Miss Revell
Year 11 Tutor: Mr Davis

Head of KS3 & 4: Mr House

Subject Teachers: Mr Howell, Miss Revell, Mrs Marie-Helene, Miss Meg, Mrs Ainscough, Mrs Dobson, Miss Holly, Miss Charlie, Mr Curtis, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Sam

Additional Support: Mrs Thompson, Miss Caitlin

The School Day
VISP Secondary Day

Secondary students are expected to arrive promptly to tutor time and all lessons each day. If for any reason a student arrives late to school or leaves early during the day they should sign in/out at the office. A student should never leave school without a valid reason/note from home, they should speak to either their tutor or an adult in school before signing out.

Uniform and PE kit

Secondary uniform consists of blue shorts/skirt and a white polo-shirt, all of which can be purchased from the front office during office hours. The length of the skirt/shorts needs to reach the students fingers when arms are placed by their sides. No denim.

Students should to come to school dressed in their uniform and are expected to keep their uniform clean and presentable. Appropriate footwear must be worn throughout the day

PE kit (house team shirt) can also be purchased from the front office. All students should wear trainers, sports shorts and PE shirts for all PE lessons. They are then expected to change back into their regular uniform for the remainder of the day. We have shower facilities available.


We are pleased to be able to offer a variety of clubs to secondary students this term including:



House Sports Challenge

We have recently seen the return of the  Friday House Sports Challenges!

The challenges see students competing for their house in the ‘sport of the week’. Challenges will include table tennis, basketball, football and volleyball to name a few. They are greatly enjoyed by students both participating and spectating.