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At Vijay International School, our Learning Support Department is dedicated to meeting the varying needs of our students as they arise. We are committed to the early identification of student need and implementing support and strategies as quickly as possible. Support will be put in place for students identified as having a Special Educational Need (SEN), with ‘English as an Additional Language’ (EAL) and also for those with social and emotional needs. We believe in developing the full potential of every child at our school; supporting them to be ready to learn and able to learn by identifying their support needs academically, socially and emotionally. 

Through student support, an inclusive curriculum and staff development, we aim to recognise and celebrate our students’ efforts and progress. We support students from Reception classes all the way through to KS4, through individualized provision, small group support and in-class interventions. We have a strong focus on developing an inclusive community and recognise that pastoral support is equally important as academic. 

Here at VISP, we believe strongly in developing and supporting students’ speech, language and communication skills (SLCN) as a strong basis for their academic skills. We also support many other needs such as literacy, numeracy, motor skills, memory skills and emotional difficulties. Through regular monitoring and screening, conversations with parents and students as well as frequent staff training and development, we try to ensure we are continuously meeting the needs of our students and developing the skills they need to flourish independently.

Staff in the SEN section include Mrs. Thompson (SENco), Mrs. Stravens (Lead SEN TA and nurture group leader) and Miss Zoe (Secondary SEN TA).

Should you have any questions about our provision or what we do, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mrs. Thompson at [email protected]