Welcome Back

Welcome back to another year at VISP and a special welcome to our new Reception cohort and the new students who have enrolled throughout the school. 

Parents are reminded that as part of the measures to safeguard against the spread of COVID-19, please only enter the school site if it is essential to do so. Where possible, we encourage you to make payments by bank transfer, rather than coming into school. If you must enter the site please ensure you only do so having been through the screening checks and hand washing procedure. Parents are also reminded of the daily screening process for students and are encouraged to help us speed this up by asking your son / daughter the questions on the reverse of this letter daily. Following parental feedback, and in a change from our action plan circulated, we will be accepting takeaways and lunches delivered to school. Please do not enter the school but leave the lunch in a clearly labelled box on the table outside the hall.

The school was pleased to receive excellent IGCSE and A-Level results over the long holiday. At A2 level, 100% of our students passed with most grades being awarded at C or better. At AS Level, an amazing 79% of exam results were at C or better, a figure more than 30% above the global average. Meanwhile our Year 11 cohort scored 100% pass and 72% A* – C grade, which is also well above the global average. Well done to those students who were so successful this year in spite of the difficulties.

Finally, we are delighted to welcome a number of new staff to the school. Having had little staff turnover for the past 2 years, a number of staff moved on this long holiday but we are delighted to have been able to replace them all. The following new staff have joined us this September: Holly Welham (Science), Peter Stanton (Science), Rupert Davis (History, T&T), Sophie Child (English), Simon Mitchell (Maths, PE), Charlotte Brathwaite (Primary and Secondary English and Humanities), Georgia Arnott (Year 2), Emma Chapman (Year 1), Leon Brathwaite (Primary PE), Rona Pirame (TA) and Amadine Leste (TA).

Parents are reminded that the school communicates regularly using email and has a WhatsApp broadcast offering daily insights into school life. If you wish to receive more regular information from the school please email [email protected] to be added to those communication lists.