Primary School

Be a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.

Head of Upper Primary -  Mr Martin Thompson

Head of Lower Primary -  Ms Emma Chapman

VISP is a very special place to work, learn, make friends and have fun!

In Primary, we always embrace and reinforce our school's key principles:

V – Valued. All of our pupils feel important, listened to, cared for and appreciated. Each member of staff takes time to get to know each and every student, not just as a learner, but as a whole person. We are like one big family, where everyone values each other for who they are. We encourage our students to let the people around them know just how much they are valued, through kind and thoughtful actions, gestures and words.

I – Inclusive. You will find our staff, classrooms, and wider environment, designed to meet the needs of our all our students. We understand that everyone is different, but that everyone is equally important and deserving of the very best provision. We present opportunities to celebrate our students' unique interests, hobbies and achievements. We are always there to assist and support whenever extra help is required. Everyone is welcome at VISP, where we cherish both our similarities and differences.

S - Successful. We all like to feel successful! Whether it's managing to overcome a tricky Maths challenge in class, or winning a national sports competition, we all know that the feeling of success boosts our motivation and feeling of self-worth. Therefore, we provide as many opportunities as possible to give our students that fantastic feeling. We join together on a Friday for our 'Celebration Assembly' to applaud those students who have had a particularly successful week in their own special way. We encourage every student to push themselves to meet their goals and reach their own amazing potential.

P – Proud. We are extremely proud of our school and the wonderful people that make it so special. We are also incredibly proud of our beautiful country, our idyllic island of Praslin, and our diverse local community. We take pride in our work, always giving our best in effort and presentation. We take pride in our appearance, following our comfortable, but smart, school uniform policy. We take pride in our environment, making sure litter is collected to preserve the integrity of our school grounds and to help protect Praslin's incredible nature and wildlife. We take pride in being good people: who work hard, but also have lots of fun, who look out for one another and respect everyone around them. We are proud to say that we go to VISP!

At VISP Primary we aim to make learning fun.

By providing the highest quality care and education for all our pupils we know we are giving our children the strongest foundations for their future learning. We follow the English National Curriculum which we are constantly adapting to meet our unique community's needs whilst also ensuring that our students are prepared for an international life.

Each child is provided with a ClassDojo log in to enable parents to communicate easily with the class teacher and keep up to date with what is going on in the classroom through the Class Story Feature. For more information on how to sign up with ClassDojo speak to your class teacher or follow the link .


Year 1: Mrs Adivije May & Ms Ging

Year 2: Mr Carthew & Mrs Carthew

Year 3: Miss Zoey & Miss Lindy

Year 4: Miss Noella & Miss Maryse

Year 5: Mr Martin & Miss Rabat

Year 6: Ms Rachel & Miss Marie-Annette

Art: Ms Mirfin

KS1 & KS2 PE: Mr Davidson

French: Miss Lindy & Mr Victor

Sport Coach: Mr Dredge

Additional Support: Ms Cooper, Miss Sarah, Mrs Stravens (maternity Leave)

Core Values and Celebrating Success

At Vijay International School we believe in nurturing the 'whole child' and aim to develop self-motivated children who love to learn and are not afraid to take risks or make mistakes. Our 'Weekly Values' are designed to help raise awareness of and develop the skills children need to become effective learners as well as becoming thoughtful, respectful and confident individuals. New values are introduced in our Monday morning assemblies and one child is selected from each class to receive our 'Value Superhero Award' in our Achievement Assemblies on Friday afternoons. 'Star of the Week' awards are also given to the children who have set an excellent example or have achieved something special. Children also receive House Points as rewards for excellent work or behaviour.

Uniform and Physical Education Kit

Students can purchase their uniform (blue shorts/skirt and pale blue t-shirt) from the school office during working hours.  Children are expected to come to school dressed in the uniform and they are expected to keep their uniform clean and presentable.

Students must wear appropriate footwear throughout the school day (we do allow students to wear flip-flops).

Students' PE kits can also be purchase (house team coloured shirt) from the office which can be worn on the days your child has PE.  Sensible PE shorts should be worn for PE, not denim.

In Our Classrooms

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