About Vijay International School Praslin, Seychelles

Our school is the Premier International School in the Seychelles.

It is the home to happy students, families and people from around the world.

You are not born for yourself but for the world


Vijay International School opened in 2009, with the offical ceremony taking place on the 1st of December 2010. The school was opened by the First Lady of the Republic of Seychelles, Mrs. Natalie Michel with the School’s Patron Mr. V.J.Patel.

Over the past thirteen years we have welcomed students, teachers and families from around the world. We have built relationships and lifelong bonds. We have helped students to find their voices and independence. We value our achievements and are proud to have been a part of the students' lives.

It is important to Vijay International School that past students look back upon their time at the school as having a positive impact on their lives. We often hear from past students who have very fond memories of the school. It inspires us to continue to provide the best education for every student.


By fostering a safe, positive and supportive environment, Vijay International School has continued to provide outstanding educational practices and opportunities for our learners. 

We pride ourselves on building solid foundations and enhancing the lives of our learners. We have nurtured relationships within our school community for over 12 years and supported students, parents and our staff to celebrate and consider their roles and responsibilities within this community. 

Our meaningful, inclusive and engaging practices have enabled us to ensure our students are equipped with the skills, knowledge and attitudes for the future. We look forward to continued growth and development. 

The Future

With our core principles at the heart of our education practices and philosophies, as well as our continued drive to support our students to be successful, here at VISP we believe strong and positive relationships help to honour and celebrate our students. Not only do we hope to see all of our students succeed within their years at VISP, we do our best to encourage and support agency and build a love of learning that extends beyond the bounds of the classroom.

Change / Inquiry

Vijay International School embraces change and innovation, while respecting the traditions and expectations of our culture. Our institution is based around life long learning and providing the best opportunities for our children. And they are all our children. They are our family and future. 

We value the ability to change, adapt and inquire. We ask our students to challenge the world and make positive change. We ask ourselve to challenge our own approaches and improve our educational strategies.

"Inquiry is not just about knowing how to plan - it's about how we teach. It's about what we say to kids and how we say it. It's about the way we listen and the way we feel about what our kids are saying. It's about knowing when to step back and when to step in. The language we use and the silences we deliberately leave. It's about what we are thinking about what we are doing."

Kath Murdoch

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