School Fees

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Non-For-Profit Education

Since inception in 2010, the Vijay International School has been a Non-For-Profit organisation, providing the best quality education in the Seychelles. We are investing in our student's futures and dedicated to providing high quality education for all families.

Our Pricing Structure

All fees are payable termly in advance. Fees cover all tuition, text books, exercise books and consumable materials. Fees also cover participation in the school's extra curriculum programme. The cost of some school trips in Seychelles will be covered by school fees. ​Fees do not cover school uniform costs, cost of snacks/lunch, some school trips (including those overseas).

Please note that the fee structure per term for the forthcoming academic year is as follows:

Reception 1 and 2: SR17,500

Year 1 to Year 6: SR23,000

Year 7 to Year 9: SR27,250

Year 10 to Year 11: SR28,500

Year 12 and Year 13: SR30,250

The annual association fee remains unchanged at SR2,000.

Tuition fees are due at the beginning of term and must be paid by 30th September 2023 , 31st January 2024 and 31st May 2024.  As an alternative to paying termly, the school offers interest free monthly payments spread over 10 months, but this facility needs to be signed up for before term starts in September.

We encourage parents who wish to see the school make further improvements to attend and contribute to PTA events where possible. School fees do not even cover the operational running costs of the school and therefore any developments of the school site are largely thanks to the PTA or other donors. PTA events this year are helping to pay for classroom upgrades and new sports equipment due to arrive in time for the new term in September.

For overseas enrolments we ask that families make a contribution to our school development fund rather than an enrolment fees. Therefore for overseas enrolments the fees are as follows:

First child – €1,000

Second child – ​€500

Third child – ​€300

Deposit  - SR7,500

The deposit is recorded against the child's name and is refundable when that child leaves the school, provided the minimum deposit per family is retained.

One month's notice of the child leaving school is required. Without such notice, pro-rata fees will be levied from the deposit before the return of any balance.

Our finances are transparent and yearly accounts will, as always, be circulated to all Association members prior to our Annual General Meeting in November. As you will see from those accounts, the school remains not for profit, and the school therefore encourages fundraising and support through donation, all of which helps keep fee increases to a minimum. 


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