The Staff of Vijay International School Praslin

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.

Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.

You are not born for yourself but for the world

Lesley Thompson

Head Teacher

Emma Chapman

Head of Lower Primary (KS1)

Reception 2

Martin Thompson

Head of Upper Primary (KS2)

Year 5

Nicholas May

Head of Secondary

Computer Science /

Travel and Tourism

Marie-Hélène Dione

Head of Sixth Form

French / Business Studies

Kathryn Cooper

Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)

Sharon D'Unienville


Corina Frassler

Financial Controller

Jenifer Payet

Reception 1

Emma Chapman

Head of Lower Primary (KS1)

Reception 2

Adivije May

Year 1

John Carthew

Year 2

Zoey Gordon

Year 3

Marie-Noella Alfred

Year 4

Martin Thompson

Head of Upper Primary (KS2)

Year 5

Rachel Mirfin

Year 6

Ewan Davidson

Physical Education

Steve Curtis

Science - Physics

Kevin Champion

Science - Biology & Chemistry

Andy Schreiber

Geography / Travel & Tourism

Danielle Brown

English / Sociology

Sophie Ainscough


Maria Etheredge

Mathematics / Exams Officer

Claire Dredge


Adam Victor

French / Business Studies / History

Rosco Dredge

Sports Coach / History

Willies Rose

Lead SEN Keyworker

Danielle Payet

Early Childhood Keyworker

Kettina D'Unienville

Early Childhood Teaching Assistant

Maria Malbrook

Early Childhood Teaching Assistant

Kelly Constance

Early Childhood Teaching Assistant

Sarah Marie

KS1 & Learning Support Keyworker

Forshythia (Ging) Horreau

Year 1 Keyworker

Asami Carthew

Year 2 Keyworker

Lindy Cesar

Year 3 Keyworker / French

Maryse Lewis

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Doris Rabat

Year 5 Keyworker

Marie-Annette Johnson

Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Prisca Cousin

General Helper

Philip Rose

Maintenance Technician

Marie-May Gonthier